Looking for a great jerk place in the parish of Clarendon? Murray’s fish and jerk hut is a great choice. It is located at Clarendon Park Garden, Toll Gate. This location is along the busy stretch of highway A2 which eventually leads to the nearest town of Porus if heading west or Maypen if heading east.

Murray’s offers jerk chicken and jerk pork of course, as well as stewed, boiled or escovitch fish, jerk rabbit, jerk sausage. With the fish, the sides include water crackers for the boiled fish, rice and peas for the stewed fish and festival with the escovitch fish or jerk chicken/pork/rabbit.

If you are in the mood for soup, there is fish soup or mannish water soup (goat soup).

Jerk chicken

Jerk pork with festivals

There is a large outdoor covered dining area and bar. So, if you have time and want to sit, eat and have a few drinks that is definitely an option. The bar is well stocked and serves a wide variety of liquor and cocktails.

If in the mood for some dessert, there is an ice cream, cake and pastry parlour on-site. This is a new addition to Murray’s. It’s called I-Craze.

Murray’s is a great hangout spot if in the Clarendon Park area or its environs, good rest stop if on a long drive or if just in the mood for some good jerk or fish this is an excellent option.
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