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Island Sun Fun is a travel, health and wellness blog featuring leisure activities in some Caribbean islands, tips on healthier food options, use of natural ingredients for self-care products, ideas about maintaining good health, home exercise and self-care routines.

I started this blog two years ago as a hobby. It helps me to destress from my hectic day to day routine. I am passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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I am from the picturesque island of Barbados. For the past 6 years, I have been residing in the reggae capital of the world Jamaica.

My passions are maintaining good health, exercise, self-care routines and travelling. It is essential to have downtime from work in order to rejuvenate our mind and body. Make time for relaxation and exercise on a regular basis.

Island Sun Fun provides recipes for healthy eating, educates about the health benefits of foods and uses of natural products for self-care. It also features leisurely activities and provide tips for an overall healthier lifestyle.

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