It was a cool Saturday afternoon in mid-November and I was in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Where was I heading? To Lover’s Leap. Lover’s Leap is located in the district of Yardley Chase, St. Elizabeth. It has been described as being one of the most romantic spots in Jamaica.

The tale of Lover’s leap is of two slaves Mizzy and Tunkey who were lovers, jumped from the 1700ft cliff to escape being separated by the plantation owner who wanted the female slave for himself.

Carved wooden statue of Mizzy and Tunkey

This was not my 1st visit to Lover’s Leap. On disembarking my vehicle and strolling from the carpark my eyes were greeted by the immaculately manicured lawn with palm trees, bougainvillea and other flowering shrubs around the grounds. Two gazebos are situated close to the cliff side of the property. These provide a good vantage point of the sea and are definitely a superb background for any photographer.

On the property there is a bar and restaurant with a large dining area which extends out on to the balcony. The balcony is the place to be, as it offers the most surreal and breathtaking view of the south coast of Jamaica. The shoreline is some 1700 ft below with the waves breaking on the shore looking like a small foam trail from that height. 

What does one see from the balcony? The rugged coast line with jagged rocks and smaller cliffs in the distance, the sea which was so calm and looked like a huge blue glass reflecting the rays of the afternoon sun, the light blue sky with scattered clouds, the blurred horizon and the occasional black vulture flying by.

Views from the balcony


The restaurant and bar offer a good selection of food and drinks. There is also a large flat screen at the bar for those who like to watch sporting events.

I ordered garlic lobster with festival and an ice cold sorrel Red Stripe beer. Where did I sit? On the balcony of course, to be awed by that spectacular and amazing view. Oh, how I love that view!

My meal didn’t take long to be served and it was delicious.

Garlic lobster with festival and salad


After my meal I took a stroll around the property enjoying the scenery and the cool, clean, refreshing country breeze.

On the property is a historic lighthouse. What is special about this lighthouse you may ask?

Well, this lighthouse is the highest above sea level at 1700 feet in the Western hemisphere. It is still fully functional and illuminates automatically at 6pm daily.

In the dining area of the restaurant there is a wall with framed photographs of all the lighthouses in Jamaica, giving a pictorial of their history.

In addition to the restaurant, bar, surreal view, immaculate grounds and lighthouse what else is there at Lover’s leap? For those who like adventure, there is a guided hike from the rear of the property leading down to the seashore. The trail is very steep, rocky and bushy. On my next visit to Lover’s leap I plan to do the hike.

So, for the locals looking for a cool hangout spot on the weekend if ever in St. Elizabeth check out this amazing location. The view from the balcony will be like none other. For visitors to the island, this has to be on your list of must see places in Jamaica, you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s continue to explore.

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