A rhythmic paradise island located in the central Caribbean. Jamaica is the 3rd largest island in the Caribbean.

Fun facts about Jamaica

Jamaica was the 1st Caribbean island to gain independence. The country achieved independence from the British on August 6th, 1962.

National flag of Jamaica and what it symbolizes

The black represents the strength and creativity of the people which has helped them overcome difficulties. The gold represents the sun and the wealth of the country. The green represents hope and lush vegetation of the land.

National bird is the Scissor tail hummingbird or swallow tail hummingbird aka Doctor bird.

National dish is ackee and saltfish.

Official language is English. Jamaican patois is spoken by the locals.

Motto of Jamaica: Out of many one people. This simply means a melting pot of different cultures as a result of the multi-racial roots which make up the Jamaican population.

Jamaica was the 1st country in the western hemisphere to have an established railway system

1st Caribbean island to commercially produce rum.

1st country in the Western hemisphere to commercially produce bananas.

1st British colonial territory to establish a postal service. Started in 1688.

1st tropical island to enter the IOC winter Olympics with the Jamaican bobsled team.

Jamaica is the birthplace of the reggae legend Bob Marley. Reggae music and dancehall music were born in Jamaica and are still very popular music genres today.

The currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar (JMD).